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Article: Traditional Punjabi jutti are back in Fashion – Glam Story

Traditional Punjabi jutti are back in Fashion – Glam Story

Traditional Punjabi jutti are back in Fashion – Glam Story

India is a great treasure of art. Large samples of art are found in small streets of villages. One of these works of art, which is making a comeback in people’s hearts worldwide, is the Punjabi jutti. Silk thread, ghungroo, and beads combine to make the jutti fabulous. Juttis were first decorated with gold, silver, moti, and rattan stones in the 16th century, which was the first jutti worn by Indian royalty.

Punjabi Jutti is a special type of footwear common in northern India, and its neighboring areas. Amritsar and Patiala of Punjab are two cities famous for Tilla Jutti, from where they export worldwide.

Different Types of Punjabi Juttis

Punjabi juttis are found in different varieties, which reflect their unique beauty. Some of them are -

Kasuri jutti – Earlier, this jutti was brought to India from Kasur city of Pakistan, but now it is also made in Punjab. Kasuri Jutti is very famous for its embroidery and softness. Kasuri Jutti’s fashion has a different craze all over the world.

Khussa jutti – This is a jutti made in Punjab that is made of leather dyed. This jutti is famous for being very comfortable on the feet and molding itself to the shape of the feet.

Tilla jutti – This jutti is made in different parts of Punjab, which reflects its unique form. Patiala’s Tilla Jutti is most famous because its toe is rounded and turned towards the pointed side. This jutti is specially made with golden thread.


Suitable for every occasion- Whether it is a wedding or any other function, wearing a jutti enhances the personality even more and can be worn with simple jeans and a t-shirt. Formal wear jutti is also available in the market for daily life.

Varieties of Punjabi Jutti -Punjabi juttis come in different types like simple, colorful, heavily embroidered, ghungroo, and many more. Customers can make any purchase of their choice. Punjabi shoes are both cheap and expensive, which benefits all types of customers.

Best for gifting – Punjabi jutti are of such a wonderful type that one does not have to think while gifting them. So now there is no need to buy expensive gifts for gifting. Punjabi juttis look great for gifting.


Customers of Juttis are increasing in Punjab and North India; on the other hand, the revolution of Jutti is coming slowly in South India. The customers of Pop and Pastels are from Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, and South Indian cities. The craze of Punjabi Jutti is increasing in India and the UK, the US, Australia, Singapore, and many other countries also. This shows that the art of India is spreading its color in other countries as well, and the jutti revolution is also increasing in other countries.

Glam Story offers a wide range of premium traditional Punjabi juttis, sliders, and dupattas for women. From classic designs to modern styles, Glam Story has something for every occasion. Our high-quality leather and cotton handbags are perfect for everyday wear and special occasions alike. Every piece is intricately crafted with love and care to ensure superior quality. The colorful stoles from Glam Story add a touch of style to any outfit. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or just some glamorous additions to your wardrobe, Glam Story has something for everyone!


Punjabi juttis were considered a symbol of royalty in India in the past. However, the Punjabi jutti revolution is returning because of its comfort and ease of wearing. It is also available online to order Punjabi Jutti from around the world. Punjabi Juti can be worn in everyday life and with different functions; this is its specialty.

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